Kindness And Motivation Tips Challenge Groups To Make A Difference

Tips on Kindness and Motivation Challenge the groups to make a


Do you belong to a group that helps make a difference in the

lives? Is your group having a hard time finding ways to help others? Tired

From the same old Bake Sale-Car Wash routine?

Here are five ideas your group can use to make a difference.

These come from the e-book,

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Ways to change the world.

1. Host a group or neighborhood yard sale and

Contribute profits to a worthy cause. A neighborhood

adopted an orphanage in Thailand and they worked together to send

thousands of dollars from your yard sale. In addition to

money they sent, neighbors became closer and new friends

were made.

2. Organize a shelter for the homeless (or other group in need)

Search for treasures. You will need a group of people; how much more,


Call homeless shelter or group and ask for a list of needs

Ask them to put in the things they need the most or get the least,

At the top of the list.

Assign point values ​​to each item, with the items most needed

obtaining the highest value in points.

Send everyone with their lists; let them know that the

team or person who creates more points with what they contribute

in, you will win the contest.

Either award yourself a prize or ask a local restaurant if

will provide a free meal to the winners.

Younger adults really enjoy searching for articles and what

great lesson: it’s fun to give it to others.

3. Have a toy drive for a local battered women’s shelter, safe

House or shelter for homeless people with children. Toys don’t have to

being new.

Have members tour their neighborhoods

Ask each family to donate “gently used” toys that their children will not.

use more. There will be tons, what a great way to get the kids involved

in the joy of giving!

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