Love Dating Lessons

Are you looking for a boy / girl? Have you been single for a while? Do you have someone in mind that you would like to date? A few years ago I thought that I knew what my ideal partner or girlfriend would be and would be. However, I was about to learn a very valuable lesson that I will write about in this article. ⇒ Oversigt og anmeldelser af datingsider

I am quite short for a boy and I always prefer to date women who are smaller than me. However, this accounts for many of them. I also like women who are very simple and who are quite relaxed with life, not too much in themselves, for example. I also prefer that they are brunettes with a beautiful smile and attractive eyes, a slim figure would also be a bonus.

What I just described is what I thought was my perfect girlfriend. This whole idea disappeared about ten years ago when I had to work on a project with a woman named Sam. She was about ten years older than me and I will never forget my first impressions of her. What a mess, I thought. She hadn’t made any effort with her appearance, she hadn’t even brushed her hair apparently, she dressed like she was twenty years older than she really was and basically it seemed like she hadn’t slept the night previous.

This may sound quite cruel and harsh, this is what I was then, I’m embarrassed to think about how my mind worked However, I am happy that I have changed to be what I hope is a kinder person.

Despite these first impressions, I must say that Sam has been very kind and helpful for the next three months. She is probably one of the purest and kindest people I have ever met.

After about ten weeks since I met Sam, I started dreaming about her and I think I fell in love with her. She suddenly hadn’t made an effort with her appearance, she still looked like a mess, etc. The thing was, I didn’t care anymore, what mattered was what was inside her.

I never, never admitted to Sam how I felt when she got married, I think her husband is one of the luckiest men in the world.

Thanks Sam for teaching me a very important lesson about love.

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