New Generation of The Little Giant Ladders

The little giant ladder is five to six times stronger than any other normal ladder. No other ladder is as useful as the giant little ladder. The component of a giant small ladder is made of 6005-T5 aluminum (this makes the wall heavy) and the ladder has a staggering 300 pounds. Amazingly, the giant little ladders have been tested to withstand four times that amount without any structural failure. The Little Giant Ladder System is therefore almost indispensable for its consumers: it is strong; durable and long lasting.

senior care

The Little Giant Ladder Company has created various models to meet the needs of its various customers. The extraordinary Model 22 replaces nine extendable ladders of various sizes along with another five different sized “A” frame ladders, two scaffold trestles with five heights and ten more effective ladder ladders (for working on uneven surfaces) and four ladders in angle each at 90 degrees (to get closer to walls and so on). In fact, regular ladders would cost nearly $ 900 to replace the capabilities of the Twenty-Two Little Giant model. Even if it did, it would still lack the versatility, the durability accompanied by the storage benefits of the Little Giant Ladder.

Incredibly, this Twenty-Two model takes up 5’7 “of space and weighs only 43 lbs. Plus, Little Giant Ladder’s easy-to-use technology with adjustable design allows it to be used safely on curbs, stairs, docks, ramps or other uneven surfaces.

IAA type

For those workplaces where a heavy duty ladder is simply a necessity, the 1AA Small Giant Ladder is the answer. It has the capacity to support up to 380 pounds and is multipurpose, with the same storage capacity as the Little Giant 1A ladders.

The Little Giant Type 1AA Scale is available in Models 13, 16 and 22.


The Little Giant Ladder Company devised the Ultra Step to provide additional services to its customers. The Little Giant Ladder Aluminum and Fiberglass Little Giant Ladders are revolutionary new ladders that can be adjusted from 6 ‘to 9’ to be used as a single-sided ladder. They also fit stairs on uneven surfaces and can be used parallel (or 90 degrees) against a wall. The Little Giant Staircase is therefore a small miracle.

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