Sharp shooting: best sniper rifles in the world

With its powerful scope and long barrel, the sniper rifle is one of the most recognizable weapons in an army’s arsenal and has been popularized through historical events, films and other media.

Military sniper rifles are designed to be more accurate and durable, reliable and easy to repair in difficult conditions. Today’s sniper rifles are manual or semi-automatic and use an open aperture or telescopic sight for extreme accuracy.

What are the best sniper rifles in the world right now?

Barrett M82 – United States
The Barrett M82, known by the US Army M107 designation, is among the best sniper rifles on the market. Primarily designed as an anti-material weapon, designed for use against military equipment, the M82 is known for its ability to penetrate brick and concrete and even tank armor at fairly short distances.

It was originally designed by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing in 1982 to destroy sensitive enemy equipment such as radar equipment, parked trucks and aircraft, as well as for the remote destruction of explosives. The 120-140cm long rifle can fire BMG .50 centerfire cartridges or, in the case of the .416 Barrett, a removable ten-round magazine. At 13.5kg-14kg, it’s one of the heaviest sniper rifles on the list.

With an initial velocity of 853m / s and an expected firing range of 1,800m, it’s no wonder the M82 is used in more than 50 militaries, has been in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is also one of the favorites. by fans of the Call of Duty video game series players.

There are two variants of the M82: the original M821A and the M82A2 bullpup, however the latter is no longer in production and should be replaced by the Barrett XM500, a new gas twist-bolt sniper rifle currently in development.

The Austrian-made Steyr SSG 69 is one of the best sniper rifles in terms of accuracy and precision. Since 1969, it has been used in many conflicts in the Middle East and Asia and is currently the Austrian Army’s standard sniper rifle.
The SSG 69 has impressive accuracy and is considered the most effective at a range of 800m. Weighing 3.8-4kg, depending on the variant, it’s significantly lighter than the Barrett M82, so it uses shorter shots, be it the 7.62x51mm NATOm commercially known as the .308 Winchester, although these are loaded at different pressures. The five-round rotating magazine design is also unusual for sniper rifles.

In 2015, Steyr finished production of the SSG69 and the Steyr SSG 08 is billed as its successor with the Austrian army. The barrels of the new SSG 08 are cold hammered, allowing for a harder and smoother inner barrel that causes less friction and is less prone to corrosion.

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