These Are Three Versions Of Pocket dish

Pocket Dish is one of the latest innovations in entertainment, released by EchoStar. The devices are designed to facilitate access to videos, music, games and photos anytime, anywhere. With three separate versions of Pocket Dish, you can store up to 40 hours of programming, 20,000 songs, and 400,000 photos.

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Movies and shows can be downloaded from DISH Network DVR or other devices and viewed in the car, in a waiting room, or at a friend’s house. Each device comes with a rechargeable battery that allows 4 hours of viewing before charging. Music and photos are also easily downloaded to give you access to your favorite songs and fond memories on the go. Just by playing music, the battery will last for approximately 12 hours before needing to be recharged. The other feature of Pocket Dish is its playability. Puzzle games, RPGs, and adventures are available in a small package.

There are currently three versions of Pocket Dish on the market. The AV402E is the entry-level version and offers many functions. It houses a 2.2-inch LCD screen in a device that measures 4.2 x 2.4 inches x 0.7 inches. The 20GB hard drive offers a storage capacity of 20 hours of videos, 10,000 songs and 200,000 photos. This version does not contain a built-in DVR, so the video program must be transferred from select DISH Network DVR players. However, audio and photos can be transferred from any supported source.

The AV500E is the main version of Pocket Dish and offers more functions than the AV402E. For around double the price, the 500 offers an additional 10GB of hard drive space and DVR functionality. This device, with 30 GB, can store about 30 hours of video, 15,000 songs and 300,000 photos. It also has a larger 4-inch LCD screen and a slightly larger body size. However, the biggest difference is its ability to record programs from any television, satellite receiver, cable box, or VCR. Since it is a DVR, it can also be connected to a television to play any recorded program on a larger screen.

The most advanced version is the AV700E. It has the same DVR capabilities as the 500, but includes a 40GB hard drive, allowing for 40 hours of video, 20,000 songs, and 400,000 photos to be stored. It also has a 7-inch screen for easy viewing. Both the AV500E and AV700E come complete with remote control, docking station, removable battery, and stand.

With all Pocket Dish models, programming can be downloaded for free from compatible DISH Network DVRs or other devices. Using a USB 2.0 port, one hour of programming can be downloaded in 5 minutes. The Pocket Dish can also be connected to a receiver without a compatible USB connection, but the download time will increase to 1 hour for every hour of programming. All versions also allow software updates via satellite or via the DISH Network website. Additionally, Pocket Dish offers parental control locks to allow parents to restrict children’s access to inappropriate programs.

Pocket Dish combines the capabilities of different audiovisual devices to offer a very versatile and portable technology. It offers many of the benefits of satellite television in a portable format, as well as storage and playback capacity for music, photos and games.

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